How much does a Surveillance investigation cost?

This will depend upon many factors. We provide a packager price that includes mileage, toll, parking, gas and all other related expenses (except out-of-area overnight cases). We charge $1,400 for up to 10 hours for one investigator (this time includes travel time. After travel time is deducted then that is what is left for the day to conduct surveillance) We charge $2500 for up to 10 hours but with two investigators. Same overnight additional expenses apply. We have a 10% discount for 3 or more days

How many surveillance investigators do I need?

This will be dictated by your budget. The more you can afford the greater the likelihood that we can continue surveillance without loosing the subject.

Will they know you are watching them?

Not unless you tell them. At times a person may be "heated up" because of things people have said. We suggest you say nothing and let us discreetly do our job.

Can you loose the subject during surveillance?

Yes. This is why we always suggest 2 + surveillance investigators. If you do not, we will likely loose the subject in the city or urban environments. It is your call based on your budget.